Wimps Gonna Whine! Winners Gonna Win!

Spanish Practice makes comprehension: Okay folks: Sokaku Takeda said, "Aiki is easy, don't teach it openly." Or, words to that effect. Sagawa Yokiyushi said, "Only smart people can learn Aiki." Ueshiba Morihei laid it out there for everyone . . . and? Crickets! Takeda thinks, "Aiki is easy." Sagawa thinks that if you cant learn … Continue reading Wimps Gonna Whine! Winners Gonna Win!

Back to Basics

Spanish Back Bow Okay, think about this . . . You know how opening and closing two appendages equally creates a central axis point in each appendage? Remember how, when combined with Aiki 1, rotation around this central axis point creates Aiki 2? Imagine multiplying that 24 times! That's a lot of Aiki 2 baby! … Continue reading Back to Basics

Training Torso Torsion Totally (Say it 5x fast!)

Spanish Sit in seiza. This locks the lower body to the ground. Turn the belly button to the right or left as far as you can. Check to be certain that your sternum is aligned with your belly button. DO NOT turn the sternum past the belly button!  (All life Aiki as we know it … Continue reading Training Torso Torsion Totally (Say it 5x fast!)

Back to Aiki . . .

 Spanish Let's review: (All that follow are derived from Ten (gravity), Chi (normal force), Jin (specific intent) Aiki #1: Linear co arising, mutually dependent oppositional forces Aiki #2: Aiki #1 revolving around a central axis, creating a circle Aiki #3: Aiki #1 and #2 with the addition of Torsion. Now let's see how this occurs … Continue reading Back to Aiki . . .

Encore of Shikon – Hachi Riki

Spanish Hello again, you wonderful avid Trueaiki.com readers! Shikon - Hachi Riki has been very well received.  Scott Burke lives in Japan and is a tremendous resource for finding "lost treasures."  Many of his finds can be had via Chris Li's http://www.aikidosangenkai.org/blog/ This morning I awoke to Scott sharing even more treasures and so I will … Continue reading Encore of Shikon – Hachi Riki

Shikon & Hachi Riki

Spanish Before we discuss Shikon & Hachi Riki let's go straight to Aiki #3!  (It's so cool, I can't wait!) Aiki #3 Illustrated: In in order to create Aiki #3 we use Aiki #1 (linear oppositional forces), Aiki #2 (rotational oppositional forces) and  torsional oppositional forces simultaneously. When the "cylinder of the limbs and torso … Continue reading Shikon & Hachi Riki

San Gen: When push comes to shove!

Spanish Last week we used the three origins (Gravity, Solidity, Mentality) to create Aiki #1 (Use of Ten, Chi, Jin to create linear oppositional forces) and Aiki #2 (Use of Ten, Chi, Jin to create mono axial rotation). We learned how to do this in our bodies using the example of the box squat. This … Continue reading San Gen: When push comes to shove!

三元/San Gen/Three Origins

Spanish This week we are going to look at what San Gen means in the body, how it functions, and how to begin developing them into Aiki. As previously stated the three origins are: - Heaven = Force of Gravity - Down Force - Earth = Force of Solidity - Up Force - Man = … Continue reading 三元/San Gen/Three Origins

Special Post: Aiki as a State of Being

Spanish I am pleased to share with readers of trueaiki.com a thesis submitted by my long time training partner/student/friend Tom Wharton.  I first met Tom in 1988 when he stopped by to train at my dojo.  More than a decade later he began to train in Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin Ryu when Doug Walker and … Continue reading Special Post: Aiki as a State of Being