Beebe Brains 06/16/2017

Hi Everybody, I have not fallen off of the face of the earth!  I have just been super duper busy.  I am a school teacher and the end of the school year is non stop!  I'll be done on Monday 6/19/2017, but I'll be on off to teach in the Netherlands and Spain Wednesday!  So, … Continue reading Beebe Brains 06/16/2017

Beebe Brains 5/30/2017

Shingon & Kukai One of my favorite books in English concerning Shingon Mikkyo is "Kukai:  Major Works" by Columbia University Press.  It went out of print, and they must have not printed that many because it was darn near impossible to get a copy for a long while. The founder of Shingon (True Word) Mikkyo … Continue reading Beebe Brains 5/30/2017

Beebe Brains 5/29/2017

Due to the generosity of many True Aiki supporters I am going to be able to up grade True Aiki to an account where I can imbed video.  This is cool for a couple of reasons.  I have a box full of old beta, vhs, and 8mm video tapes.  It would be pretty cool to be … Continue reading Beebe Brains 5/29/2017

Beebe Brains

This is my first post to a new page on True Aiki.  The page is named "Beebe Brains" and I'll be sharing short random thoughts, news, plans, and just about anything not deserving a full fledged blog post on it. If that sort of thing interests you, please feel free to check out those posts. … Continue reading Beebe Brains