Relating TDD 2 & 3 to Push Training

In the following brief VLOG I relate the push training presented earlier to TDD 2 & 3.  After this, I will share how TDD 2 & 3 relate to a common technique to help reads relate the TDD to their training, before moving on to TDD 4 - 6. This video puts us at over … Continue reading Relating TDD 2 & 3 to Push Training


TDD #2 & #3 Push Training

This is the second in this three part series on TDD #2 and #3 push training.  In the third part I explain how this training directly relates to TDD #2 & #3.  After that I will give an example of how TDD #2 and #3 relate to the application of martial technique. True Aiki is … Continue reading TDD #2 & #3 Push Training

Beebe Brains: The agenda

Hi Folks, I'm almost done editing the next segment of the TDD #2 and #3 push training VLOG.  It will show several ideas for push training.  The last segment will show how that training relates to TDD #2 & #3, in case it wasn't clear. It has been suggested by more than one reader … Continue reading Beebe Brains: The agenda

Discover Aiki while totally screwing around!

Dick Willems writes: Hi Allen, Thanks again for this clear instruction. One question for my understanding: Why is it so important to keep the belly and sternum vertically aligned? Best, Dick What a great question!  There is a lot to be said here.  But in brief, here is my response: As you know, the attributes … Continue reading Discover Aiki while totally screwing around!

TDD #3 & 4: Push Training Intro

Hi everybody!  This is the first part of what will likely be three parts.  In the intro I introduce what we are working on, with some tips on how to, and how not to, do it.  Next, I will show you some push training ideas relating to this type of rotation.  In the last segment … Continue reading TDD #3 & 4: Push Training Intro

New post today

Friday I finished the edit and rendered it.  Turns out I rendered the original.  Saturday fixed a few things and re-rendered the edited version.  Every time I tried to upload the file to WordPress there was an "error."  So today, Sunday, I will try breaking it in to three 10 minute sections.  Maybe smaller files … Continue reading New post today

Cosmology Recap, Kokyu Intro

Hi Everybody, In this brief talk I attempt to quickly recap the basic structure of the Ueshiba's cosmology and its relationship to how he typically described Aiki, and how those two things relate to Kokyu.  I'm not going into depth, rather I hope to help readers understand how Ueshiba's cosmology, understanding of Aiki and the … Continue reading Cosmology Recap, Kokyu Intro

Coming Soon …

Almost done editing a half hour long video recapping Aikido cosmology, Aiki, and how they relate to kokyu. Hopefully it should be done in the next day or two. I'll also put up my summer seminar schedule for Europe (Spain, The Netherlands, and Germany). Then, either it will be back to push/pull tests, or I … Continue reading Coming Soon …

Coming Soon !

Hey Folks, If everything goes right I will buy a newer used computer tomorrow which should put me back in action.  I've already shot a short lecture which shouldn't take too much editing and I can have that up soon.  Then it is on to push testing with rotation of the vertical axis. Stay tuned, … Continue reading Coming Soon !