Vlog: Squatting on the Grand Tetons

Here is a short video featuring me doing a "box squat" on top of the Grand Tetons.  It is quick but it should give a brief idea of what my version of a box squat looks like.  I'll likely post another Vlog at some point with more detail explaining where forces are going, what rotations … Continue reading Vlog: Squatting on the Grand Tetons

Beebe Brains 8/2/2017

Many of you don't know this, but Superman and I have something in common.  Yes, it is true! Super man and I both wear tights!  Now I know he likes to were his underpants on the outside of his tights while I like to were mine close to my person, but tights are tights! And … Continue reading Beebe Brains 8/2/2017

Tandoku Dosa: An Introduction (Part 1)

What are Tandokudosa? What is the purpose of Tandokudosa? Tandokudosa translates as “solo body movement exercise.” By definition Tandokudosa (TDD from now on) are any exercise done without a partner. So, these movements can be both empty-handed or full, but they must be practiced solo. Shirata Rinjiro created many series of TDD. There are more … Continue reading Tandoku Dosa: An Introduction (Part 1)

Beebe’s Brains 7/24/2017

Hi Everybody, We shot some video and took some pictures on the top of the Grand Tetons, which I will post when I get back.   One vid is of me doing a box squat.  This will directly relate to TDD #1.   Another vid shows me doing a push test with my daughter while … Continue reading Beebe’s Brains 7/24/2017

VLOG #2 – Aiki 2 & 3

Hi Folks, Thanks for both the public and private kind words of encouragement in response to VLOG #1.  Here is another rough cut.  I just filmed and pasted, no editing, etc.  With VLOG 1 & 2, I just wanted to keep at least a trickle of information going out until I have more time to … Continue reading VLOG #2 – Aiki 2 & 3


It is rough but it is here.  I'm going to be gone for another couple of weeks so it is unlikely that much will get done in that time. In the vid I said that the only way to tension tissue is by "doing nothing."  This isn't really true.  One can twist it, or let … Continue reading VLOG #1

Beebe Brains 6/17/2017 (The Netherlands)

I had a wonderful time training with a group of sincere, hard working folks in San Sebastián (Donostia).  It was a pleasure as always and I am already looking forward to next time! Here is a picture of Riki and I preparing to do so ken practice.   Walter took the photo!

Beebe Brains 6/21/2017

Three exciting things are happening today!  I uploaded the original text in Japanese and the translation of Shirata sensei's essay. I created an account and link to Pateaon.  Hopefully this will help to sustain True Aiki into the future. I am leaving to teach again in the Netherlands and Spain.  I am looking forward to … Continue reading Beebe Brains 6/21/2017

Shirata Rinjiro’s Renewal Through Keiko: Download

Dear True Aiki Readers, Below you will find two links.  One is to a pdf of the original Japanese text and the other is to a Word Document of the translation by Mr. Douglas Walker. Both of these are being made freely available to all with the understanding and request that both pieces be used … Continue reading Shirata Rinjiro’s Renewal Through Keiko: Download