Cosmology Recap, Kokyu Intro

Hi Everybody, In this brief talk I attempt to quickly recap the basic structure of the Ueshiba's cosmology and its relationship to how he typically described Aiki, and how those two things relate to Kokyu.  I'm not going into depth, rather I hope to help readers understand how Ueshiba's cosmology, understanding of Aiki and the … Continue reading Cosmology Recap, Kokyu Intro


VLOG: TDD #1 Push Test Examples

Following a good ssuggestion, I am presenting some very basic push tests relating to TDD #1.  Here are some key points to keep in mind: Present your "weak line."  If you start with your "strong line" you will be emboldened to resist which is the very opposite of what is being trained.  Don't resist.   … Continue reading VLOG: TDD #1 Push Test Examples

Tandokudosa #2 VLOG

Here is Tandokudosa #2 with a brief review of TDD #0 and TDD #1. A big THANK YOU to my Patreon supporters for the new lighting.  I was able to get a great deal on a professional lighting set off of Craigslist. Next up:  Tandokudosa #3 VLOG, and a blog explaining why, and how, Ueshiba … Continue reading Tandokudosa #2 VLOG

Tandokudosa #1 VLOG

Below is my first "feature length" VLOG presentation.  It is the product of many, many hours of learning and work on my part.  As I roll these out, hopefully the process will become easier and more streamlined. My posts tend to be information dense.  This is largely due to the fact that I am trying … Continue reading Tandokudosa #1 VLOG

Intro to the Studio

Hi Guys!  Below you will find a video with an introduction to the new True Aiki "studio."  This brings me one step closer to the official dojo shooting.  Thanks for Watching! Below is a sneak peek at where we are filming the Tandoku Dosa.  (If you look carefully you can see where I patched the … Continue reading Intro to the Studio