Preparing for TDD #4

In the same way that TDD # 1 -3 teaches an individual how to rise up, half stand, and then stand, in a way that is quite counterintuitive and takes a significant amount of time to learn, it is necessary to teach individuals how to walk before introducing them to TDD #4.  In the following vlog I introduce a way to begin learning how to walk in the necessary manner and then move on to teaching the walking movement as it is performed in TDD #4.

TDD #4 – 6 each have different hand movements, and those will be introduced in separate vlogs.  Later, I will also introduce related push training and relate the movements to a technique.



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One thought on “Preparing for TDD #4

  1. Hi Allen,

    Watched it four times now. There is really a ton of information in this one.

    Need to watch it several times more,and then practice,practice and more practice.

    It also reminds me of something I read some years ago.

    The samurai were used to walking long distance in armour and carrying weapons. Bobbing up and down in movement thus uses a lot of energy because of the added mass of the armour and weapons.
    Samurai walk evolved into a horizontal only because that reduced the energy requirement.

    The great samurai swordsman and painter Tesshu also walked great distances in this way.

    Is there a relation between this samurai walk and the TDD 4-6 walk ?


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