New post today

Friday I finished the edit and rendered it.  Turns out I rendered the original.  Saturday fixed a few things and re-rendered the edited version.  Every time I tried to upload the file to WordPress there was an “error.”  So today, Sunday, I will try breaking it in to three 10 minute sections.  Maybe smaller files will upload.

So, my goal for today is to get this thing up!

Everyday, in every way, I’m getting more and more techno savvy!


4 thoughts on “New post today

  1. Hi Allen. You could upload the whole video to YouTube, copy the URL and just paste it on a separate line in the WordPress editor. It will embed the video for you automatically upon save.


      1. Hi Allen, I am an ex-WordPress developer, that’s why I offered help with WP issues, but sure, if I can help somehow with YouTube, let me know…


      2. Oh that is cool! Any advice or recommendations you have that could help or improve the WordPress site will be most appreciated! I have no IT background and this has been a complete “learn as I go” operation.

        Youtube will be no different. Pretty much anybody that knows anything, knows more than I do at this point about such matters.

        I’ve been watching my kid’s youtube channels (over their shoulders) and trying to get an idea about what that is. I look at what Chris Li does with his web page and social media too. He is definitely my “elder brother” in that regard!!!



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