Coming Soon …

Almost done editing a half hour long video recapping Aikido cosmology, Aiki, and how they relate to kokyu.

Hopefully it should be done in the next day or two.

I’ll also put up my summer seminar schedule for Europe (Spain, The Netherlands, and Germany).

Then, either it will be back to push/pull tests, or I might write a piece on Ueshiba’s Jo “demo” and how it relates to cosmology, Aiki, kokyu … another non-secret attempt on the part of Ueshiba to explain/model Aikido.

See you soon!



4 thoughts on “Coming Soon …

    1. Not to worry. The last push tests help to make TDD #1 viable, rather than just mimicking body movements. The next push tests will help to make TDD #2 and 3 viable in the same way. The lectures and/or writings serve to support and explain both the TDD demonstrations and what is being worked on in the push tests.

      It is a long shot, but I am hoping that some might actually figure out (and it seems some are) what is actually happening, needs to happen, and needs to be trained, to create Aiki.

      Mimicking movements will not get one there. Mimicking results will certainly not get one there. Reciting theory (accurate or not) will not get one there. Only practice (that begins with mimicking of movements), testing until the desired results are attained (preferably from someone or something with nothing to loose or gain – think blind study), and thinking about theory (teachings) and testing one’s understanding and execution of those theories (teachings).

      That, to me, is the magical part about Truly discovering Aiki. The myths, theories, practice and results all coalesce, make sense and are real.

      Thanks for your enthusiasm!



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