Where’s Allen?

Hello, all! It’s time that I explain why I haven’t posted in a while–computer problems. I have a 2010 MacBook Pro, and I filled up the hard drive three times with video. I moved the video to an external hard drive, but the external hard drive uses USB 3 and the Mac only has USB 2, so I bought a faster hard drive that uses USB 3 to be a dedicated TrueAike.com video hard drive. I then bought an express card with dual USB 3.0 ports and tried to add drivers to the MacBook Pro to make it work, but I could no longer boot my computer. After days of fussing, I finally recovered my Mac to a backup made in early January, so the computer was back to working but it still doesn’t have USB 3. I thought that the faster hard drive would come with a Firewire 800 cable (faster than a USB 2 but not nearly as fast as a USB 3), but it didn’t–it only came with a USB 3 cable.

Beebe Brain Presently, I’m copying video files from my original slower external hard drive to my new, faster external hard drive, but both hard drives are connected to my Mac through USB 2 ports and the transfer will take a day. The original purpose of my adventure was to have the necessary volume to hold the video and a fast connection to the Mac so it could go back and forth during editing.  When the transfer is complete, I’ll be back to where I started. The fast external hard drives will both be ready if, and when, I get a newer computer with USB 3. One hard drive will hold original video files while the other will hold Final Cut Pro files for editing.  Unfortunately I am no further along until I get a newer computer with USB 3 ports.  Presently I am keeping an eye on Craig’s List for a used computer I can afford.

That’s what I’ve been doing rather than posting a new blog. Rest assured, it’ll all get finished in the end–presently I’m just praying you readers won’t eat me alive for the delay. Thank’s for your patience, everybody!


3 thoughts on “Where’s Allen?

  1. Deepest sympathies – I know all too well the situation where I end up spending the time battling the computer situation instead of achieving what I set out to do, and would so much rather have done!
    Hang in there – we’re rooting for you, and supporting your efforts with unending gratitude!!!


  2. yes, storage space and backups – an unwelcome necessity. Have you thought about a NAS? Could be an alternative to external USB-HDDs, assumed you have a decent fast network. You could still use the USB-HDDs as backups (you can never have too many backups 😉


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