Tandokudosa #3 Vlog

Well after three days of the flu this wasn’t my best representation of TDD #3, but it is done and out!

This video put us at almost 50% of my media storage capacity.  If you haven’t already, please consider making a donation, or better still, pledging  on Patreon.  So far we have gone from a free account with no video, to a paid account with some video.  The next step is a business account with unlimited storage for video.

You may have noticed that there are now advertisements on the pages of TrueAiki.com.  This too was done with the purpose of supporting TrueAiki.com and it’s goal of providing  information and support for all those that seek to manifest the attributes of Takeda Sokaku, and Ueshiba Morihei.  That being the attributes of True Aiki.

If you enjoy my True Aiki blog, imagine the level of understanding that only hands on training can bring!  With a a world wide presence, there are opportunities to attend, or even host, one of my seminars.  Folks from BJJ to Koryu, beginners to Menkyo holders, have enjoyably learned and trained together, why not join us?

True Aiki is free for all to read, but it is not free.  As little as $1 can help to cover expenses and possibly add features to True Aiki.

Thank You!

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6 thoughts on “Tandokudosa #3 Vlog

    1. Hi Tom, The focus should be on the quality of movement rather than the quantity. One thing to keep in mind is that as one becomes tired they are far more likely to fall back to “normal” movement. So, although I didn’t demonstrate this effectively, the idea is to figure out how to do “less” to achieve more. Efficiency is key, using existing forces to be “your” force. Approach it like a puzzle and ask yourself, “How is this a balance trick?”

      One can chose reps and sets. There is nothing wrong with that. But don’t push yourself to “power through” when you begin to fail or your practice will simply reinforce old patterns, and methods, of movement.

      One should finish more neurologically exhausted than physically exausted.


      1. Another thing is to note what is sore later. If you are sore in the usual way, in the usual areas, you are probably doing things wrong. If you are sore in new ways, and in new areas, you are probably doing better. Also, the movements should be health enhancing. It may sound strange, but your body should feel younger and stronger over time. One can expect this improvement curve to last well into one’s seventies (or maybe even later these days!)


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