“Brother can you spare a $10?”

Hi Folks,

Thanks to all of the generous supporters of TrueAiki.com., if one more person were to donate $10, I could purchase a video Jog/Shuttle that would speed up my video post production process.  Simply put, the easier the post production process the easier it is for me to get video out to you!

Every donation given to TrueAiki.com has been invested back into TrueAiki.com.  And please keep those card$ and letter$ coming because videos take up data and data cost$.  We are good for now data wise, but if I keep posting video I will soon need to upgrade the account again (the next level is unlimited storage space).

“Brother can you spare $10 for a Video Jog/Shuttle?”

On behalf of all those TrueAiki.com readers that cannot afford to give (from all corners of the globe) but sincerely appreciate the content of TrueAiki.com, THANK YOU!

~ Allen Dean Beebe



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