Tandokudosa #2 VLOG

Here is Tandokudosa #2 with a brief review of TDD #0 and TDD #1.

A big THANK YOU to my Patreon supporters for the new lighting.  I was able to get a great deal on a professional lighting set off of Craigslist.

Next up:  Tandokudosa #3 VLOG, and a blog explaining why, and how, Ueshiba Morihei thought Aikido to be different from Daito Ryu.  (Hint:  Ueshiba claims to have discovered Aikido very early on, but admits to not teaching Aikido (and therefore straying from “the Way”) throughout much of his most prolific teaching years.)

If you enjoy my True Aiki blog, imagine the level of understanding that only hands on training can bring!  With a a world wide presence, there are opportunities to attend, or even host, one of my seminars.  Folks from BJJ to Koryu, beginners to Menkyo holders, have enjoyably learned and trained together, why not join us?

True Aiki is free for all to read, but it is not free.  As little as $1 can help to cover expenses and possibly add features to True Aiki.

Thank You!

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