Tandokudosa #1 VLOG

Below is my first “feature length” VLOG presentation.  It is the product of many, many hours of learning and work on my part.  As I roll these out, hopefully the process will become easier and more streamlined.

My posts tend to be information dense.  This is largely due to the fact that I am trying to give away a lot of information efficiently.  If one is serious about learning the contents, I strongly suggest re-reading the blogs multiple times.  Some more information will be gained in a quick re-reading, and even more will be gained if the blogs are re-visited after one has seriously practiced over periods of time.

There is SO much information contained in Shirata sensei’s Tandokudosa that I cannot help but do them a disservice here.  Nevertheless, I have determined that it would be an even greater disservice not to at least begin sharing them.  The fact that the movements will appear familiar, points to their value as an interface between Aiki no Jutsu and Aiki Jujutsu.  The fact that they are (for those that have had the good fortune to have had “hands on” learning from a teacher knowledgable of true Aiki and are willing to to put in the long years of ego crushing work to attain their goal) syllabus for learning true Aiki, makes them invaluable.

Please remember the degree of one’s success and development can be measured by the degree that one can demonstrate the attributes of Aiki, namely:  Unusual stability in any angle, the inexplicable generation and delivery of phenomenal force, and the inexplicable “zeroing” out of force.



If you enjoy my True Aiki blog, imagine the level of understanding that only hands on training can bring!  With a a world wide presence, there are opportunities to attend, or even host, one of my seminars.  Folks from BJJ to Koryu, beginners to Menkyo holders, have enjoyably learned and trained together, why not join us?

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11 thoughts on “Tandokudosa #1 VLOG

    1. If one considers for a moment how many felt Takeda, Ueshiba, etc. it becomes clear that feeling alone isn’t enough for most. Being told, and feeling helps. Being told, seeing and feeling is even better. Still, if one reflects upon how many saw, listened and felt vs how many demonstrably “got it,” it becomes obvious that “getting it” isn’t easy. If it were, the “greats” wouldn’t be seen as “great.” They would be seen as ordinary!

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  1. Hi Allen. well worth waiting for.

    One comment though.

    You discussed the TDD 0 in a previous blog.

    I get the impression that not only the TDD’s are important but the linkages between them also as they are criitcal transitional points.

    It might be usefull to demonstrate the linkages explicitly.



  2. Allen
    Like the video and the practice. What was as important to me also was the idea that the whole body opens and closes at the same time can be seen (not felt) through the viewing Tom and your movement. Good stuff.


    1. Well, yes. That much can be seen. It is possible (and later necessary) to be able to open some parts and close others simultaneously.

      The important bit, the bit that makes this stuff “internal” is not so much THAT the body is opening and closing, but HOW the body is opening and closing, What in the body causes this to happen and where that opening and closing originates and returns to.

      Nevertheless, even live and in person, one often starts by seeing and mimicking an outer form. One is told, but does not know experientially. One can feel another, but without developed ability one cannot create the feeling within themselves. This is true for EVERYONE in the beginning. That is encouraging. If some folks got from “cannot” to “can,” via that path, surely some others can as well.

      I can imagine where I would be if the others that “could/can” decided it wasn’t worth the effort to take the long shot and try to pass on what they could to someone as dense as me! All of this is a “long shot,” but where there is no effort, there will surely be no success. So, I’m trying.


      1. Allen
        My thoughts about seeing the opening/closing of the whole body as seen and described by you in this video is more directed at making the connection that there is a whole, it is the sum of the parts, and not the individual parts alone, connected through the expanded mind……and not the narrowly focused divided mind. Again…thanks for the video and your continuing efforts…


      2. Gary,

        Now you are just getting personal. I fail to understand how seeing my video directs your thoughts to sum of the “parts” and “wholes” of my body. But whatever! As for my mind, it is neither expansive nor narrowly divided. It is sick and twisted, which goes a long way to explain our affection towards each other!



  3. Hi Allen,

    Rereading the TDD0 after and before watching the video again suggest to me that the correct starting position is essential to do TDD 1 correctly.
    Looking at TDD 1 and the movement of the feet it is clear that end of TDD1 is a beginning for TDD 2 ( which I eagerly await). So looking at the TDD in isolation is a good study, but like a Tai-Chi series the individual steps are only part of a connected whole.
    It might be a good idea once the individual TDD series are filmed to make a single slow motion movie of the whole series from 0 to the end showing the series as a single continuous movement.



  4. Allen
    haha…..each of us visualize in different ways…. what I saw was an opening of the front line and closing of the backline as a whole with the spiraling involved…..then opening of the back and closing of the front…….generally and not specific to your body.

    The general picture of these actions, movements, sequences….clicked in a way for me to better relate this to others… the video didn’t provide the experience of actually feeling the effects……


    1. Gary,

      I reluctantly have to agree with your general description of what you saw. However, I think my reaction to your post was way funnier than your reaction to mine. I’m happy to see that you felt the effects of my humor! I just can’t resist kidding around with you!


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