Beebe Brains 9/2/2017

I was thinking the other day about how science has shown again and again (just Google “science nature sounds”) that most non-threatening nature sounds are calming to humans.  I’m referring to the “white noise” of nature:  a running creek, ocean tides, wind through trees, rain hitting the ground, etc.

Then it occurred to me that the examples I thought of are made through the interaction of Yin/Yang like relationships.  A running creek is produces sound when the soft water hits the hard rocks.  Ocean tides produce a roar when the moving water hits the still-sh water or the “soft” water hits the “hard” shore.  Wind song generates when the active wind passes over passive landscapes or through trees.  Showers produce sound as is the soft, yet active, rain hits the hard passive ground.

We are hard “wired” to abide in the interplay of Yin/Yang.


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