Vlog: Squatting on the Grand Tetons

Here is a short video featuring me doing a “box squat” on top of the Grand Tetons.  It is quick but it should give a brief idea of what my version of a box squat looks like.  I’ll likely post another Vlog at some point with more detail explaining where forces are going, what rotations are happening in my body (they are not visible). etc.  This will give a general idea and it is kind of fun!

I should mention that this video is made possible by the many contributions that have come in so far, both via PayPal and Patreon.  Each contribution allows me to do more, and slowly raise the production level.

This Vlog certainly isn’t the best so far, but it does reflect progress and learning.  I shot the video on sight.  I imported the video into my post production video software and removed the audio for the first bit.  I was able to pause, fast forward, etc. the vid and with another piece of software take a screen shot of the altered video and and commentary.  Today, I figured out how to draw lines and such during the commentary phase.  I plugged the whole thing back into the post processor and created the entire vid. BTW, I made the music too!.

What I did would probably take an experienced videographer an hour, but I’m still learning.  I think you will find things improving over time.  And it shouldn’t be just the look, but also the quality of communication.  That is the whole point after all.



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