Beebe Brains 8/2/2017


Many of you don’t know this, but Superman and I have something in common.  Yes, it is true!

Super man and I both wear tights!  Now I know he likes to were his underpants on the outside of his tights while I like to were mine close to my person, but tights are tights!

And it isn’t just Superman that wears tights, many other superheroes do too!

Many of you don’t know this, I have had two blood clots in my leg.  That is why I were tights.  I’m am not privileged to know why so many other super heroes do too.

I am on medication for my blood clot habit.  But wearing tights makes me FEEL like a super hero.  Why?  I was told to wear compression socks.  So I did.  Still my leg kept swelling up and adversely effecting my training.  So, finally I decided to got to a local shop that specializes in compression stockings, tights, cuffs, etc.  Now I wish I had gone there years ago!  I was measured, taught about, and supplied with just the correct compression items for both everyday wear and training.  As soon as I began wearing the correct items my swelling went away, my leg began to recover (there are a lot of side affects that accompany blood clotting) and I could once again train without having to give much thought to my condition.

I visited the Lake Oswego branch of Legsmart.  They have another branch in Washington state too.  I can whole heartedly recommend both Legsmart and their products.  If you have had DVT’s or varicose veins, etc.  I strongly urge you to visit one of these stores.  If you are not a Washington or Oregon state resident, perhaps there are businesses near you.  If not, most of the brands of products that Legsmart carries have their own web sites and describe how to measure and fit their products yourself.

You too can have the confidence to wear tights.

Now I just need to find an excuse to wear a cape!



2 thoughts on “Beebe Brains 8/2/2017

  1. Hi Allen.

    Thanks for the tip. A good friend on mine has a DVT or as they call his, a ‘stable clot’ in his upper thigh. I’m sure he hasn’t been told the superhero secret 🙂

    I’ll let him know. It may benefit him too.


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  2. Hi Raymond,

    I’m sorry about your friend. For those of us who like to play hard, getting a DVT and being on blood thinners can be a head trip at first. My doctor at the time told me flat out that I had to stop doing martial arts. That hit me like an ice bucket challenge. But then I realized that this was the doctor that I had gone to when I needed to be put back together after most of my major martial arts related injuries. She was saying I can’t do THAT to myself anymore without dying.

    So, I reconciled myself to the fact that the “ground and pound” days were over (I was slowly coming to that conclusion anyway simply due to age), but recognized that I could continue to play, I just have to be a mindful of what I am doing . . . and choosing not to do.

    I hope that a pair of properly fitted, medical grade, tights are as beneficial to your friend as they have been for me.


    p.s. Tell your friend to be sure to monitor his other leg as well. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!


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