VLOG #2 – Aiki 2 & 3

Hi Folks,

Thanks for both the public and private kind words of encouragement in response to VLOG #1.  Here is another rough cut.  I just filmed and pasted, no editing, etc.  With VLOG 1 & 2, I just wanted to keep at least a trickle of information going out until I have more time to write and video.  Things ought to become increasingly polished with time.  However, I decided to err on the side of “putting stuff out there,” rather than waiting for perfection (which is never likely to happen.)

So, what do you get?  Me, my basement, my thoughts, etc. more, or less, “as is.”  I’m more likely to get stuff done this way.  Also, this is how I operate in my dojo and at seminars . . . no costumes, no bowing, no titles, no hierarchy, just human beings getting together, sharing, training, etc.  I think of the space more like a science lab, wood or mechanic’s shop.  There are some safety rules, each individual brings a unique skill set, and perspective.  Nobody is all knowing.  We get together and work towards a, more or less, common goal.

No body is all knowing, therefore, everybody is free to be both right and,or, wrong.  This is very useful because it allows for collaboration and collective progress.  Progress implies change.  Empirical evidence is the final arbiter of what is, or is not, correct.

I hope you enjoy the VLOG!


14 thoughts on “VLOG #2 – Aiki 2 & 3

  1. Allen thanks again for explaining and making the vlog. Nice to hear the similarities of the axis and rotation in all of that. can’t wait to do the excercises.


  2. Hi Allen, It was great to meet you in Zwolle! Thanks for your insights and for sharing your information. This video is very helpful. I look forward to see the next video’s and explore Aiki even more…


  3. If I may, some of you might be wondering why Allen is talking about some things called “Aiki #1,” “Aiki #2,” and “Aiki #3.” Because that’s a really silly kind of naming thing. Why not call them something descriptive like “Connected Body,” “Rotation,” and “Spiral” or any other better thing. In fact I got this as a questioning look from someone as I showed them the videos. So I explained that it is not Allen’s fault. It comes from the Japanese, and especially Ueshiba (the source of most US aiki knowledge previously), who called all three phenomenon, “AIKI.”
    Let’s not get into the wisdom of all that, but suffice to say, if you read Ueshiba and his ilk, and see the word “Aiki” and don’t know it could refer to one of three possible things, then you are in big trouble from the start if you want to understand the material. Classic “Allen the Elephant in the Dark” stuff.
    Thanks for the videos Allen. You are braver and more foolhardy than I and I salute you!


  4. Allen
    The more ways this is explained the better the chance that the pieces will fit together for the rest of us, this is good stuff. As for the presentation style…..that is just you, don’t change…hahaha. I would suggest that you keep your day job for now and work on your comic delivery before taking this on the road………


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