It is rough but it is here.  I’m going to be gone for another couple of weeks so it is unlikely that much will get done in that time.

In the vid I said that the only way to tension tissue is by “doing nothing.”  This isn’t really true.  One can twist it, or let other’s tension it.  But, for now I’d concentrate on “less is more.”

I have a bunch of stuff written down in preparation for posting Tandoku Dosa vids.  I will probably start to trickle that out too.  As I gain more experience and get more time, these should get better.  If what I say or do raises a question, please share it!  I’m happy to answer the questions that I can, and sometimes I forget to share important information (often because it has already become second nature and unconscious.)

One small step for man, a giant leap for Allen kind!


17 thoughts on “VLOG #1

  1. Nitpick: A muscle that contracts is still under tension – it just also now begins to “seize up” and the surrounding joints begin are less mobile/locked up. Locking up is what we want to do to opponents’ joints, not our own!


  2. Great video Allen!
    If I’m allowed to, I’m gonna be the fan #1 of Bozo! It does a better job than me about expanding lol

    Looking forward next video! (^ ^)/

    Thank you,


  3. Thanks Allen. Simple but great visuals and verbal description to accompany the cylinder diagrams in your earlier blog entries. Successful first vlog recording!


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