Beebe Brains 5/30/2017

Shingon & Kukai

One of my favorite books in English concerning Shingon Mikkyo is “Kukai:  Major Works” by Columbia University Press.  It went out of print, and they must have not printed that many because it was darn near impossible to get a copy for a long while.

The founder of Shingon (True Word) Mikkyo (Mystery School) Buddhism was Kukai, (Sea of Emptiness) who became lovingly known as Kobo Daishi after his death.  “Kukai: Major Works” contains several translated examples of Kukai’s work.  I used to use  one of these, the “Ten Stages of the Mind.” as an outline for the study of many different schools of Buddhist thought when I would teach about Buddhism along with meditation classes.  The “Ten Stages of the Mind” culminates with (surprise, surprise) Shingon.  So, this particular essay worked well as a framework from which to study the foundational schools of thought that eventually lead to Shingon, and then Shingon itself.

Why am I writing about his now?  Well, I was following a lead on another Kukai related book on Amazon and ‘lo and behold’ it looks as if they have reprinted “Kukai: Major Works!”  So, if you have any interest in Shingon, and are an English reader, I strongly recommend this book to you and suggest that you buy one now before they disappear again! Kukai: Major Works


5 thoughts on “Beebe Brains 5/30/2017

  1. The bloody book just arrived. When it becomes gibberish to my mind I want a piece of your brains. Prepare for some surgery, please.


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